EENMAAL, the first one-person restaurant in the world and an attractive place for temporary disconnection.

MVGCA, Amsterdam located design office is the creator of this design for temporary disconnection. immediately after the launch EENMAAL became an attractive WORLD-WIDE KNOWN BRAND for temporary disconnection. Since opening of the first pop up EENMAAL till today we received a lot of national and international media attention and each pop up is completely sold out. 


"The launch of Eenmaal produced more than we could have hoped for: a global conversation about eating out alone. Apparently, this is as innovative an idea in the Netherlands as it is in Brazil, China and India. Print media, radio and television producers the world over have covered it and we’ve received very positive reactions via social media, blogs and from the visitors who ate there for the first time."

Solitary dining can be an inspiring experience in our hyper connected world just because you can disconnect for a while."





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MVGCA, an amsterdam based office for design, coincepts & strategy WWW.MVGCA.NL

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January 2016:Eenmaal part of the Friday Late program  in Victoria& Albert Museum: Spoon, Knife, Fork Januari 29 , 2016 

IN NOVEMBER 2014( Nov 28 lunch, 29 dinner and 30 lunch)  EENMAAL in a STUDIO JOB setting, will pop up at LENSVELT HUB AMSTERDAM: 


IN DECEMBER 2014( Dec 12, 13 and 14) EENMAAL will pop up at the SCHOOL OF LIFE IN ANTWERP;

LUNCH (13 AND 14) AND DINNER ( 12, 13 AND 14)

SMARTWATER X EENMAAL LONDON LAUNCH JANUARY 29/30, 2015  7, Grapestreet , Soho, London


PRESS: Our work has been covered, in many publications as

Vogue, Elle magazine, Evening Standard, Wallpaper, O magazine, Superfuture, Volkskrant, NRC, NZ Herald Tribune, The Guardian, La Republicca, in reportages on ZDF heute, VRT1, RTL 4, Giel!, BNR, The Independent, Koffietijd, Delicious, Libelle, OZY, BBC radio4, Monocle, EEN( Belgium TV)CBS and in the NBC Today show, the Times, the independent, the Sunday Times, and more.

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