PROJECT EENMAAL in Arkdes in Stockholm as from today till August 4, 2019

Very proud to be part with our concept and design Project Eenmaal (on loneliness in a hyperconnected society) of the exposition on future related issues in the designmuseum Arkdes in Stockholm as from today till August 4, 2019

"February 2019

This exhibition explores the power of design in shaping the world of tomorrow. From smart appliances to satellites, artificial intelligence to internet culture, more than 100 objects will be brought together as a landscape for the near future. These objects are the seeds of possible futures, currently in development, being worked on by scientists and designers in studios and laboratories around the world. Together they present various ways in which emerging technologies might affect our lives in the near future, and what choices we have – as citizens – to influence their development. The exhibition will take visitors from the familiarity of the home where smart devices are changing our notions of privacy, to the ways in which the global network of the internet shapes contemporary politics, the environmental effects of technology and the strange prospects of immortality promised by Silicon Valley enthusiasts. Highlights include Facebook’s unmanned aerial vehicle Aquila, the Long Now Foundation’s Library of Civilization composed of over a thousand books, as well as specially commissioned pieces by Miranda July, Stamen, Tellart, Marco Ferrari and Kei Kreutler.

Curated by Rory Hyde and Mariana Pestana. Conceived by Rory Hyde, Kieran Long and Mariana Pestana.

Exhibition organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London."